Differences between bone straight hair and natural straight hair
What is bone straight hair and natural straight hair

What is bone straight hair and natural straight hair

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Definition of bone straight hair

Bone straight hair is defined as curly or wavy hair that has been dried out, stretched, or styled in a way that makes it look like it’s naturally straight.

This type of hairstyle can be difficult to maintain and requires frequent trims to keep it looking good.


Definition of natural straight hair

Natural straight hair is believed to be the type of hair that grows best without any chemical treatments. It’s considered to be healthy, shiny, and full-bodied.

However, not all people have naturally straight hair – in fact, most people have some degree of frizz or curl.


Differences between bone straight hair and natural straight hair

If you want to buy these two products from straight hair suppliers, you should understand the following differences:

  • Bone straight hair is usually permanent, while natural Straight Hair can be styled and repaired.
  • Bone straight hair is often more difficult to maintain because it doesn’t have the ability to bounce back after being pulled or relaxed.
  • Natural straight hair tends to have a lot more volume than bone straight hair, which can make it easier to style.

Types of bone straight hair

There are several different types of straight hair among the hot selling hair products of straight hair suppliers,but the most popular is probably kinky or coiled hair. This type of hair has been naturalized and usually forms into tight coils around the root of the hair follicle.
The second type is wavy or curly hair that can be either dry or oily.
The third type is Afro-textured or mixed texture hair that falls somewhere between Kinky Coiled and Wavy Curly textures.


Types of natural straight hair

There are several types of natural straight hair that are popular among straight hair suppliers:

  • Type 1 hair is the most common type, and it’s usually portrayed as being wavy or curly on the outside but straight on the inside.
  • Type 2 hair is also common, and it’s characterized by tight coils that lie flat against your head without any waves or curls.
  • Finally there is Type 3 Hair – These locks are naturally sleek with minimal frizziness – perfect for those who want their hairstyle to last all day long!

The quality (or grade) of hair

  • Bone straight hair is usually more expensive than natural straight hair because it requires more frequent visits to the salon.
  • Bone straight hair can be difficult to manage, as it tends to become frizzy and unmanageable over time.
  • Bone Straight Hair does not have tresses that naturally curl or wave.



The prices make the differences between bone straight hair and natural straight hair

  • One of the most important factors is how much labor is involved in each type of hairstyle.
  • Another factor that can influence prices is where the hair was sourced from. Premium brands typically charge a higher price for their bone straight products because they know that people are willing to pay for quality products.

The attractiveness of these two bone straight hair and natural straight hair

  • Bone straight locks have a much smoother texture than wilted or greasy natural Straight Hair does.
  • Natural Straight Hair can take on any color you desire, whereas bone straight locks usually only come in shades of blond, brown, black, or gray.
  • While both extensions are considered healthy for those with genetically normal scalps.

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